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Year In Review

Posted on January 3, 2019

Father Time2016 was a shitshow, 2017 was slightly less shitshow-y, but despite 2018 tallying much higher totals than 2004-2015, the only number that matters to the betters is year-over-year.

Most of the year ran behind 2017 and therefore could be considered “acceptable”, however it was the annual Shootapalooza weekend that casted a 2016-like spotlight on Chicago that reminded the nation that some things never change. A few days later, most everyone returned to their natural not-giving-a-rat’s-ass position and the year marched on. By midnight Jan 1, 2019, 14% less people were dead and nearly 16% less people were found themselves with additional ventilation when compared to 2017’s totals.

Our prediction of 600-650 homicides and 2500-3000 shot and wounded fell just a bit short of the low end with the help of a cool and wet spring. Looking ahead, the talk about new technology and tactics won’t translate into much of anything given the pro-criminal State’s Attorney and the possibility of a new pro-crime, anti-cop mayor. We’re looking for 2019 to come in somewhere around 575-600 homicides and 2400-2600 shot and wounded. Depending on the city’s mayoral selection, we could come in at the higher end if the CPD decides to become more fetal.

As always, many thanks to everyone who visited, liked, retweeted, emailed and hit the tip jar this past year. Have yourself a safe and prosperous new year.