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Year In Review

Posted on January 3, 2018

Father TimeIt’s that time of year when we make a piss poor attempt to summarize the year that was. We classified 2016 simply as a “shitshow”. We’re going to say that 2017 was slightly less shitshow-y, but a shitshow nonetheless.

For more than half of the year, 2017 was running ahead of 2016 with such performances like the disastrous July 4th weekend that tallied over 100 shot or the annual Father’s Day Shoot-O-Rahm-a. By August-time, the idiocy, for whatever reason, retraced back to 2015 levels where rainbow farting unicorns grazed along the lakefront and songs of “#crimeisdown” filled the air.

Come midnight Jan 1, 2018, 16.5% less people were dead and nearly 20% less people were found themselves with additional ventilation. Aside from comparing 2017 to the worst year in two decades, a decline in the incline is parade worthy (just don’t invite the carjackers or the $200 million overtimers).

Fortunately, we fell way short with our 2017 prediction of 850 homicides and 3850 shot and wounded. 2018 may likely fall somewhere in-between 2017 and 2015 with 600-650 homicides and 2500-3000 shot and wounded. If the Polar Vortex decides to hang out for much the winter, we think we’ll end up closer to the lower end of that range.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who visited, liked, retweeted, emailed and hit the tip jar this past year. Have yourself a safe and prosperous new year.