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Wicker Park Stroller Gang

Posted on November 13, 2014

There’s a lot of stupidity that takes place on a daily basis within the cozy confines of Chicago’s city limits. However, for whatever reason, this “Stroller Gang” story made the rounds as if it was the “Crime of the Century” (in HD):

“Surveillance video captured a group of “brazen” thieves stealing tip jar money and a $700 bike from a Wicker Park pizzeria over the weekend.

The footage shows a group of three young men and two young women with a baby in a stroller entering the pizzeria at 1252 N. Damen Ave. just before noon Saturday.

After ordering one slice of pizza, one woman grabs $10 out of the tip jar when the cashier’s back is turned.”

Who the hell cares? This shit happens all day, every day, all over the city. But wait… it gets even stupider:

“After leaving the restaurant, a young boy scaled a 10-foot high, locked fence to nab cook Aaron Johnson’s $700 bicycle from an area next to the building.”

And to bring it all home:

“This is my sixth bike that’s been stolen in the city,” he said.

Good lord. Buy a fucking lock. This isn’t news, it’s downright idiocy by all parties involved.

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  1. rob November 13, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Damn!! This is just part of the ghetto culture! This makes no sense!!!

    • john cass November 14, 2014 at 7:01 am

      interesting report on how the Socialists in control in Springfield and Chicago just want to keep hammering down on the people who work for a living. the Socialists in control in Springfield and in Chicago will escape their bad decisions with fully funded pensions [they fund themselves differently]. for them personally – it’s actually a pretty smart decision to fund themselves differently – after all Socialists are a different class of people. when will the working class install job creators in the top self-governance positions? the Socialists are excellent PROMISE MAKERS. the job creators are excellent PROMISE KEEPERS. when will you Socialist D’s learn?……..doesn’t matter as long as they can educate the young and impressionable to accept the creep of Socialism…..

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