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What’s Next?

Posted on December 9, 2015

Fit It FelixTiny gave a long-winded apology to his merry band of go-along-hanger-ons stating that he’d not only fix “it”, but give everyone a free puppy (we made that last part up).

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday apologized to aldermen for the police shooting of Laquan McDonald “that happened on my watch.”

“If we’re going to fix it, I want you to understand it’s my responsibility with you,” Emanuel said in a rare speech to the full Chicago City Council. “But if we’re also going to begin the healing process, the first step in that journey is my step, and I’m sorry.”

Emanuel — who has dismissed his police superintendent, parted ways with the head of the police shooting review agency and dropped opposition to the release of the McDonald shooting video during the last two weeks — framed up the situation as “a defining moment on the issues of crime and policing — and the even larger issues of truth, justice and race.”

The address of about 40 minutes, coming during a crucial time of Emanuel’s tenure, was more of a political speech designed to assuage Chicagoans than one filled with specific plans that several aldermen called for this week to deal with entrenched problems in the Chicago Police Department.”

After his speech, protesters took to the streets to demand Tiny’s resignation. Barring said resignation or illness or death, Chicago or Illinois does not have a mechanism for removing a sitting mayor.

But, let’s say he did resign (we don’t think he will), what happens next? We have yet to see, read or hear of the utopia that awaits us in this post-9.5 world.