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Weekend Wrap-up & Elderly Beat Down

Posted on November 11, 2013

chi-police-woman-28-accused-of-beating-man-82 First off, a happy Veterans Day to all who’ve served. Thank you.

A somewhat quiet weekend is leading into a wintery week where we’ll likely see less violence and stupidity than usual. The weekend ended with no one killed and 11 wounded.

In other news, one of Chatham’s finest decided to beat the crap out of an old man:

“A 28-year-old Chicago woman is being held on $2 million bail after being accused of dragging an 82-year-old man out of his car and beating him after a traffic accident Thursday night on the South Side, police said.

The victim told officers he was driving westbound when he was “flagged down” by two unknown females, police said. The man said after he parked to help them, he was “pulled out” of the vehicle and struck in the head and body several times by the women, police said. Some of the injuries were caused by a screwdriver.

A police investigation determined that after the victim accidentally bumped one of the women with his vehicle, Body said on the scene: “Yeah, I pulled his ass out of the car and beat the fuck out of him,” according to a police report.”

So much for respecting your elders. Despite the $2 million bail, we expect to see our foul-mouthed “good kid”, “wonderful mother” and “pillar of the community” who was “just turning her life around” to be back on the streets in no time.


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  1. Parker November 11, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Outstanding performance by our grad student of the week. I’ll admit to a certain prejudice against someone who tags me with a car while I’m out running, but would it be out of line to suggest they were walking (soliciting?) in the street instead of up on the sidewalk?

    And if this be the case, she’s setting the bar on a new high for confidence. Any woman (sic) that ugly who can rent time bumpin uglies, she could be on anyone’s A-list sales squad.

    Every day is Halloween in the Second City.

  2. Eric November 13, 2013 at 7:08 am

    I wonder if she’ll sing a different tun when she is 82 and some punk pulls her out of a vehicle and “beats the F*** ” out of her. I’ve got one word for this piece of human debris; karma (and no, that’s not the name of your 19th child with your 18th boyfriend).

    • W.H.Thompson November 13, 2013 at 8:21 am

      We’ll take the under on her making it to 82.

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