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Weekend Shitshow Wrap-up

Posted on April 21, 2014

dead easter bunnyTake a cool but pleasant Friday, add in a nice Saturday and top it off with a really nice Easter Sunday, and what do you get? The second consecutive weekend shitshow. In all, eight (8) were killed and another 37 were shot and wounded.

A breakdown of the 45 incidents shows:

  • All 8 killed were shot
  • 2 double-homicides, 1 murder-suicide
  • 4 critical, 11 serious condition
  • 38 dudes
  • 7 chicks
  • 24.3 y/o average age
  • 17 teenagers
  • 23 neighborhoods
  • 10 multi-victim incidents
  • 1 incident w/ 5 kids shot
  • 3 shot in the ass

Like we said last week, we all know #ItsNotTheWeather or the assholes pulling the trigger, it’s guns!!! McBeerNuts said so on the TV this AM (again) – “The gun violence in this city is the result of lax guns laws. Period.”

Somehow, there are vast swaths of Chicago where absolutely nothing happens, yet those same “lax guns laws” apply there as well. You people in Lincoln Park, Edison Park, Mt. Greenwood, etc… really need to step up your game.

In any event, at least #CrimeIsDown.