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We Know Nothing

Posted on December 15, 2015

Sgt SchultzCity Hall’s useless idiots hear nothing, see nothing and most of all, know nothing:

“Chicago aldermen are holding a hearing Tuesday on the Laquan McDonald shooting by a police officer, with political symbolism and campaign angling ahead of the March 15 primary election for state’s attorney among the themes.

The joint hearing of the City Council’s Human Relations and Public Safety committees is unfolding despite the fact that aldermen don’t have the power to force changes at the state’s attorney’s office. And while they are asking for information on Police Department policies, aldermen are not calling for specific changes in the way police misconduct cases are investigated.

While Mayor Rahm Emanuel has come under intense criticism for keeping video of the shooting under wraps, the aldermen did not request that the mayor or even top aides appear at the hearing. And the first witness, the mayor’s head of the agency who reviews police shootings, offered generic answers as aldermen pressed for specifics, saying she’s new to the job.”

In other words, it’s the aldermanic equivalent of “heard shots, felt pain”.