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Unacceptable (Again)

Posted on May 10, 2016

completely unacceptableBack in the day, “crime is down” was the favorite utterance of many. Now with the late 90s violence levels back in fashion, “unacceptable” is the phrase of choice. First it was Rahm two months back, now it’s the new Super:

“Confronted with the bloodiest weekend in Chicago since being named police superintendent six weeks ago, Eddie Johnson on Monday called the gun violence “completely unacceptable” and said the dozens of shootings highlight “the uphill battle” confronting police.


At an unrelated news conference Monday on the city’s Southwest Side, Johnson brought up the Mother’s Day weekend violence himself in his prepared remarks. He focused his remarks on how much of the bloodshed is being driven by about 1,300 individuals on the Police Department’s “strategic subject list” — those believed to be most prone to violence as a victim or offender.

About 78 percent of the homicide victims and about 84 percent of the nonfatal shooting victims this weekend were on the list, he said.”

There is no point in rewording what we said two months ago – “The unacceptable will become the accepted – crime will rise, taxes will go up, the same losers will get elected promising the same crap all while maladjusted jagoffs acceptingly terrorize neighborhoods.”

Look for the next “unacceptable” around Memorial Day and most definitely after the annual July 4th shitshow leaves 80-100 ventilated.