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Threat of Force?

Posted on May 25, 2017

Self Defense Zone?As the CPD runs rampant throughout the city causing mayhem, death and destruction, the Betters decided it would be best to reign in these marauding hordes, specifically when it comes time for some use of force.

Last week, as the Chicago Police Department announced a new use-of-force policy to focus of de-escalation and the sanctity of life, Supt. Eddie Johnson touched on the possibility of an officer being injured by a vehicle.

“If a vehicle is coming at an officer and that’s the only threat of force, the officer can get out of the way of it,” Johnson said.

Since a speeding, multi-ton vehicle that contains exponentially more kinetic energy than a bullet is not considered a weapon, officers simply need to step aside and let the good citizen through.

“The officers, along with another unit, come, get out of the vehicle to approach the individual, giving him verbal commands,” Nagode said. “The individual refuses to listen again, and is using the car to kind of ram the two vehicles in an attempt to escape.”

An officer was then pinned between the resident’s vehicle and his own squad car, Nagode said.

The pinned officer continued to tell the suspect to stop and get out, but he ignored him.

“The officer fires a shot,” Nagode said. “The subject, again, is . . . trying to ram the vehicles to get out. The officer, again, fires again. The subject was subsequently taken into custody without further incident.”

The officer suffered “severe damage to his right leg,” Nagode added.

Because the vehicle was the only threat of force, we expect CCSA to bring attempted murder charges against this negligent officer ASAP. After all, there is clearly no need to shoot someone who is attempting to flee to choir practice in a stolen car while ramming other cars and people.