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The Weekend’s Shoot-o-Rahm-a

Posted on November 9, 2018

No snow dibsThe weekend attempted to make up for lost time after the past week posted the longest homicide-free streak since March 2015 of 5 days, 8 hours and 25 minutes.

Final Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 5 killed, 19 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 3 killed, 17 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 5 killed, 32 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 1 killed, 20 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 5 killed, 16 wounded

Friday 11/9
9:35p 6700 S Winchester, Englewood, M/47
10:00p 1600 W 47th, New City, M/39
Saturday 11/10
12:10a 6000 S Washtenaw, Chicago Lawn, F/42
12:15a 100 W Cermak, Near South Side, M/38
1:00a 10200 S State, Roseland, M/29
2:20a 200 S Central, Austin, F/23
6:40p 5600 S Green, Englewood, M/42
9:30p 1200 S Oakley, Near West Side, M/19
Veterans Day
12:30a 800 W Jackson, Near West Side, M/28
12:40a 4500 S Lawler, Garfield Ridge, M/28
12:50a 2300 W 19th, Lower West Side, M/21
12:10p 1400 S Karlov, North Lawndale, M/32
1:00p 2700 W Lexington, Garfield Park, M/27
2:25p 5800 S Shields, Englewood, F/29
3:45p 7700 S Normal, Grand Crossing, M/17
6:00p 1500 N Kostner, Humboldt Park, M/19
6:00p 1500 N Kostner, Humboldt Park, M/20
7:10p 4600 S Lamon, Garfield Ridge, M/24
7:50p 4800 W Gladys, Austin, M/59

8:50p 7100 S State, Grand Crossing, M/20
8:50p 7100 S State, Grand Crossing, M/29
9:35p 1900 S Miller, Lower West Side, M/26
9:45p 3500 W Flournoy, Garfield Park, M/51
Monday Overtime
12:45a 6300 W Grand, Belmont Cragin, M/19

Weekend = 12p Friday – 6a Monday