Enlightening Commentary

The McDonald’s Incident

Posted on April 10, 2019

CWBChicago got a hold of a cell phone video (vertical of course) from this past April that shows a scuffle between the security guard and two individuals with a surprise ending:

“The video, filmed from inside McDonald’s at 10 East Chicago, shows two males attacking a middle-aged man who appears to be a security guard. The man is slammed against the restaurant’s outside wall by the pair who punch and grapple the older man as he works to free himself.

Within moments, one of the two apparent attackers picks up an object that appears to be a pepper spray canister while the armed man continues to struggle with the other person.

Suddenly, the man with the canister runs away as the older man returns to camera view with a handgun pointed raised at shoulder height.”

Imagine the uproar if the trigger was pulled at any time during this kerfuffle. There will be a time at some point in the future when an unsuspecting individual going about his/her battering/assaulting/robbing catches a round or two from a CCW holder on or around the Magnificent Mile.