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The Language!

Posted on August 23, 2016

Shocked FaceScanner traffic popped-off yesterday afternoon with calls of shots fired at the police and by the police. While no one had the misfortunate of catching lead, the offender was eventually caught and today he had his day in court. However, he’s probably wishing for a do over:

A man accused of shooting at Chicago Police officers went on a tirade in court Tuesday after a Cook County judge denied him bail.

“He shot at me first,” Kentrell Pledger, 29, shouted. “Get your story straight, dog.”

Pledger told the courtroom he should’ve “smoked his [the officer’s] ass” before accusing Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr., an African-American judge, of being white.

“You ain’t black,” Pledger said. “You’re white, bitch.”

Now Kenny, that’s no way to talk to your elders, especially in front of a count stenographer. Dumbass.

(Image shown is not the offender, but the offended.)