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Taking One For The Team

Posted on December 29, 2015

Fist FightBy most measures, Tiny Dancer is not a very popular person these days. So while he relaxes on the beach in Cuba with his Commie friends, aides are left to deal with the aftermath of a police-involved double homicide. Needless to say, the locals aren’t very happy with anyone of late:

“A deputy chief of staff to Mayor Rahm Emanuel was physically assaulted while attending a vigil in the block where Chicago police shot and killed two people over the weekend, according to a Chicago police report.

According to a report of the incident, the victim was Vance Henry, 50, who was walking with Ald. Jason Ervin at the vigil when they were accosted by a man who cursed Emanuel and the police and said, “What are you doing here, you should be downtown doing something about this.” The man also said that “the police are killing us,” according to the report.”

Side note: While the police do in fact kill people, “us” are killing other “us”s at an exponentially higher rate.

“Henry then told the assailant to “get out of his face,” and the man swung at Henry, striking him in the face, the report said. A second person tackled Henry and shoved him to the ground, the report said.

According to the report, the two assailants attempted to kick Henry, grazing him in the back of the head. One of the assailants made an anti-Semitic remark. That remark may have been directed at Emanuel, who is Jewish.”

Things are getting chippy. In 1966 all it took was a guy getting arrested for opening a fire hydrant to set things off.