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Summer Lovin’

Posted on September 9, 2015

Grease: Summer Lovin'Another summer has come and gone, so now it’s time to take a look back at the summer that was.

Summer kicked off with a foreshadowing tone when the Memorial Day weekend nearly doubled 2014’s weekend total with 12 homicides and 45 wounded. Shortly thereafter, Uptown’s favorite jagoff and bullet magnet, Young Pappy, succumbed to a severe case of lead poisoning. May ended with a 19% increase in shootings, yet crime was down.

June started with a viral video of a west side Roman candle fight that was copied dozens of times as other local ‘yutes’ tried to hop on the viral bandwagon. Shortly thereafter Spike Lee announced “Chiraq” in which some aldercreatures took more offense to than the daily violence found in their wards. The Blackhawks clinched another Cup and stupidity filled the streets of Wrigleyville, again. As June wrapped up with 49 dead and 244 wounded, the powers that be were pre-shitting bricks ahead of summer’s main event, the July 4th weekend… and crime was down.

The Shitshow of the Year started off slowly. So slowly that many thought we get through the weekend with nothing but a scratch. Then on the evening of July 4th, the wheels came off and all hell broke loose. In just nine hours, 33 people were shot leaving 6 dead. Since the weekend was slightly less stupid than previous years, crime was down.

As early July was pacing for a 60 homicide tally, a 13 month old boy was run over by a fleeing honor student. Said honor student allegedly shot an apparently semi-famous honor student known as Capo.

A week and a half later, a mass shooting at a Charleston SC church gave us a bunch of nonsense over a flag, yet similar body counts continued to be ignored. Narrative.

July’s 58 homicides were goosed by the the Chatham Four, yet the CPD still only counts one of the four as a homicide, so therefore crime was down.

August kicked off with the annual Shootapalooza weekend. The one year anniversary of Ferguson MO meant 496 homicides within the previous year were all but ignored. Narrative. While some real life honor students decided prison was better than college, a CCW permit holder ventilated a disadvantage youth who was looking to permanently borrow his stuff. August wrapped up with 21% jump shootings and an on air shooting that furthered the narrative but left the obvious ignored.

On the same day Rahm announces a massive tax increase, September sees one of the deadliest days in over a decade – 9 homicides. When all was said and done, we tallied 206 homicides and an additional 1002 shot and wounded. That translates into a dismal summer-over-summer increase of 32% and 18% respectively. But in case you haven’t heard, crime is down 30%.