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Street Justice Cont’d

Posted on February 15, 2017

Self Defense ZoneLast week we noted the story of a local car thief being given a taxpayer funded tour of the ER courtesy of concerned residents. Now residents in the far western neighborhood of Dunning are none too keen about having shitheads inquire about gang their membership.

From a pristine block of worker cottages near the city’s western border, Daniel is seven years and 15 miles removed from his former life as a gang member.

On Monday afternoon, he got a shocking reminder of that past.

Just before 5 p.m., the 23-year-old, who’s using a pseudonym out of fear for his safety, was walking with his brother in an alley behind the 3600 block of North Oriole Avenue when a man pulled up next to them in a green Honda sedan and demanded to know their gang affiliation, he said.

“He was revving his engine, and when we didn’t say nothing, he said ‘Hey, I’m talking to you, n—-!” said Daniel.

The driver veered out of the alley, wheeled back around and the man fired six gunshots from his window before screeching away, he said.

“Almost all my neighbors feel less safe now,” said Jeff Eichler, examining a bullet hole in the rear bumper of his Hummer. “I’ve even heard some people talking about moving.”

“This is what’s happening everywhere now,” Eichler said. “I told the cops that if they don’t do anything and the guy comes back, I might have to drop him myself.

Be warned Dunning dwellers, for if such an event were to occur, the outrage mobile will be quickly dispatched for scalp processing. Just ask Mt. Greenwood.