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Shitshow of Shitshows Wrap-up

Posted on July 7, 2014

leprechaunEarlier in the week we made the following prediction: “if it’s like past 4ths, we are going to be guaranteed a massive, gigantic, epic shitshow of shitshows over the long weekend.” A massive, gigantic, epic shitshow of shitshows is exactly what we got.

UPDATE 2: 2 men who were in critical condition have passed. Now 16 have been killed.

UPDATE: Ok boys and girls, we’ve finally gotten it all straightened out. The final tally is 82 – 14 16 killed and another 68 66 shot and wounded.

A breakdown of the 82 incidents shows a clusterfuck and:

  • 14 16 homicides – all shot
  • 68 66 shot & wounded
  • At least 11 in serious/critical condition
  • 71 Males/11 Females
  • 5 police-involved shootings (2 killed)
  • 14 multi-victim incidents
  • 6 shot in the ass
  • CCW permit holder shoots and scores!

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you may have seen the constant stream of Navy Pier fireworks tweets on Friday night. We said late that night that there would be a 99.99% chance that no major media outlet would cover what we had heard. We were wrong, there was one, just one though:

“With more than 100,000 people at Navy Pier alone and thousands more packing the lakefront to watch the Fourth of July fireworks, it was a busy night for Chicago Police.

Officers responded to calls for everything from fights to people setting off fireworks right along Michigan Avenue.”

Our collective stream of tweets has more characters than this story, but at least someone mentioned it. Nothing like 82 shot to divert attention away from that shitshow.

Keep it short and to the point. Name calling and similar stupidity will be deleted. If you insist on writing several paragraphs, start your own blog.

    • wolf July 7, 2014 at 8:43 am

      Ya, sure. Help is on the way. What a bunch of wordsmithing that said nothing. Typical academic pie in the sky BS. Crime is a business; the legal system thrives on it, many in the hoods never wanted the police around, nor did they or will they make any attempt to teach their children any morals, values or ethics. So now we have a lot of trigger happy feral young adults. Thank heavens they are lousy shots of the carnage would be worse.

    • SgtX July 7, 2014 at 1:30 pm

      How can you have help in urban areas when nobody sees anything or knows nothing?

    • SgtX July 7, 2014 at 1:30 pm

      How can you have help in urban areas when nobody sees anything or knows nothing?

  1. Rob July 7, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Thanks for all that you do!!! I’m glad I don’t live there. I’m sure there are some very nice and cilvil areas in Chicago, but crime once out of control finds its way into nice areas. Keep the faith! God bless!!!!

  2. SgtX July 7, 2014 at 9:22 am

    I’m not saying it was a bad weekend but if Capone was around now, he would have vacated the city!

    Kudos to the chap with the CCW, who saved lives with his fast thinking! I hope this serves notice to all the honor students that; you might get a big surprise on your next criminal act!

  3. Spike July 7, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Holy Shitshow, Batman!!! We need some bulletproof glass and panels for the Batmobile!

  4. The count July 7, 2014 at 10:21 am

    All it take is family values but these clowns do not what I mean. First you have to have known parents not 5to10 kids from different dudes like the alley cats they are.

  5. William Favre Slater III July 7, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Yes We Can!

  6. Spike July 7, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Hope and Change!!

  7. Spike July 8, 2014 at 12:09 am

    I will NEVER, EVER, visit the Chicago area ever again. It just isn’t worth the expense, risk, misery, or trouble.

    The Goddamn National Guard should be on the streets in APCs to deal with this shitshow. But the governor is nowhere to be found. Our troops in Afghanistan have a better chance of getting “home” untouched than most of the “people” in certain parts of Chicongo.

    And to think, that as a “normal” looking white guy, with no tats or piercings, who had a little “swiss army knife” confiscated while entering 6 flags in chicago, while holding a valid “permit to carry from MN, this is all I have to say….

    chicongo, you deserve all the punishment, pain, and suffering that you get.

  8. Mike Keane July 8, 2014 at 5:28 am

    Six Flags is not in Chicago. Just saying. But what do I know. I’m covered in tattoos.

    • W.H.Thompson July 8, 2014 at 7:16 am


  9. Parker July 8, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Love the third and fourth quarter numbers Chiraq posted on Sun/Mon! Way to drive that lane HARD. 6 in two days, both hot and sunny daze…..and warm hot nights.

    Again, bag that National Guard idea….I’m not having Palatine or Northbrook patrolled by rookies with automatic weapons in the name of political correctness because a few misguided idiots want to “do something meaningful” about the violence in the hood. If you put the guard into Englewood, they’ll have to be at the Barrington outdoor art and BBQ fest as well.

    And assuming that question can be handled to ANYONE’s satisfaction…….

    What’s the containment plan when a white lawyer or banker or real estate broker from Naperville shoots and kills a 14-year-old honor student because Little Deantelle was waving a pistol or knife around and the ROE says “kill it if it’s a threat?” That lawyer or banker or real estate broker playing soldier is gonna get hung out on murder charges, rules and laws be damned, in the name of fairness, and the ensuing riots will only serve to further enrage all parties.

    • W.H.Thompson July 8, 2014 at 9:24 am

      We’re with you Parker. The National Guard meme is a red herring. If Quinn did call in the Guard, Rahm’s political career is finished, so for that reason alone it’ll never happen. Plus as you stated, if one of these guys accidentally pops a 14yo kid riding his bike through Englewood, the entire neighborhood will blow up. It’ll be open season on Guardsmen and then what….?

    • SgtX July 8, 2014 at 12:42 pm

      On one hand I understand where you are going with the weekend warriors in Shit town but on the other hand I think a show of force is exactly what is needed!

      You have too many elements working against the fairy tale belief that these areas will correct themselves and the Police are handcuffed by the politiwackos in the wards, slow walking Prosecutors and the Rahmfather. Furthermore, these areas have had decades to clean themselves up, to no avail and that is exactly the statement that needs to be sent!

      I think you are going overboard on the charges being brought against a Guardsman who shoots a 14 year old in self defense. Attitudes are changing with the legal ability to arm yourself and I can guarantee you that sooner or later an armed 14 year old will be brought down by a law abiding citizen, it’s in the law of averages but it will send a message to everyone that crime does not pay!

      If you clamp down and tighten the screws, in these blithe areas, eventually the law abiding citizens, living in these areas are going to stand up against the criminals and that is the only way these areas are going to reform!

      • Parker July 8, 2014 at 1:09 pm

        Sarge, the issue is not a show of force, but the USE of force. Think it thru…..not on a macro, but a micro level. Englewood residents march when a uniformed officer shoots one of their own…..now substitute “Rich white guy” from Naperville. It’s legally an ugly can of worms and frankly, I’d not want to be the first guy to find out.

        Maybe a little Hearts and Minds ala Kennedy’s SF program in VietNam or the recent campaign in Afghanistan, both were actually successful, but the moment that leaves, the bad guys take root again, and I doubt we’d be able to authorize a campaign of submission bombing, politically or otherwise!

        As you suggest, the locals will have to determine they don’t want to live in Chiraq, but until they do, and start executing the local bad guys on their own, I don’t see a happy ending anytime soon at the Greater Chicago Rub and Tug.

  10. Crapshoot July 8, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    I just read Mcnuts talk about the Chicago gang policy on guns, in New York he says bad guys just throw them away when the police show up. I suppose he has to come up with some bs.

    • W.H.Thompson July 8, 2014 at 12:39 pm

      The theory is that throwing away the gun will result in a greater punishment by the gang than if you were caught by the cops. The problem with that is 1) gangbangers toss guns all the time at least according to scanner traffic, 2) if guns are so easy to get here and hard to get in NYC, then it would make sense that they’d sooner toss them here then in NYC since they’re easily replaced.

  11. wolf July 8, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Why isn’t Chicago Lawn on the “deadliest hoods” list?? There has been 11 homicides so far this year, more than others listed. My old peaceful neighborhood is being slighted.

    Kudos to the CCW person. Two shots fired and two hits. Just think of the stats Chicago could have if every punk with a gun was that accurate.

    • W.H.Thompson July 8, 2014 at 2:10 pm

      You’re correct. The list is sorted by total number if incidents (shootings + homicides) and it’s right on the bubble with 29.

      • wolf July 8, 2014 at 3:10 pm

        I understand where you are coming from. But shouldn’t the term “deadliest” mean just that– dead. Wounded is not deadly, it is painful. I know I am being a pain in the butt over this. But my old neighborhood is in question ( not that anyone who lived there in the 50’s and 60’s would want to be there now) and someone needs to speak up. With 11 killed, Chicago Lawn is the 4th deadliest.

        • W.H.Thompson July 8, 2014 at 3:14 pm

          Yeah, you’re being a total pain. We may have to recommend you for re-education. However, we do like your idea. We’ll confer with Rahm and Garry.

  12. a July 8, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    fox news o’reilly – can anyone is main stream media be trusted to report the facts?

  13. fr. marquette July 9, 2014 at 7:15 am

    I see where two women where attacked by a Chiraq Honor Student (CHS) on the lakefront. Are these type of attacks due to Home Depot, Ace Hardware or Loews? By the way I am sticking with my 60 dead 600 wounded this month….with drug turf battles and hundreds if not thousands of new refugees/recruits/undocumented democrats the gang battles are going to make Al Capone envious. Our city is a disgrace but it is the culture not just the race.

    • fr. marquette July 9, 2014 at 7:17 am

      The CHS noted above had a hammer….my apologies I wrote that post no better than a writer for the train or suntimes

      • fr. marquette July 9, 2014 at 7:17 am

        Trib. …autocorrect

    • Observer July 9, 2014 at 8:31 am

      “Undocumented democrats”. A very telling phrase.

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