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September’s 61+

Posted on October 1, 2015

Roger Maris No 61Wow. What a shitshow September ended up being. 60+ homicides makes this September the deadliest since 2002. 362 total shot is a recent record as well. A few pending “death investigations” plus a late passing or two will only add to the shittiness.

Speaking of shitty, our September prediction couldn’t have been more wrong: “…we’ll predict a total of 45 (+/-4) homicides plus another 260 (+/-10) shot and wounded.” Way outside.

Final Stupidity Tally: 62 killed, 303 wounded
Last September’s Tally: 46 dead, 211 wounded

A breakdown of the month’s idiocy shows:

  • 59 shot & killed
  • 3 killed via other means
  • 9 ongoing “death investigations”
  • 2 police-involved shootings (1 killed)
  • 48 in serious or critical condition
  • 55 males killed, 6 females
  • 81 teenagers shot, 10 killed
  • 22 grazed
  • 1 selfie
  • 21 #ShotInTheAss
  • CPD’s 11th District (west side) most active w/ 8 killed & 38 wounded

Last year, it was October when the level of stupidity started to pick up and exceed the previous year with 38 homicides and 215 shot and wounded. If October exceeds expectations like every other month so far this year, 500 homicides and 3,000 shot will be within scope. We’ll predict a total of 44 (+/-4) homicides plus another 250 (+/-10) shot and wounded.

Update: September’s 62nd homicide was a delayed call due to a burning car issue that has since been resolved.