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Rise of the Virus Scolds

Posted on March 26, 2020

Throw Momma From the TrainMayor Woke Bozo along with the barking seal Blue Check Media betters took to their favorite dumpster fire social platforms to scold and admonish people for going outside violating Governor One-man Mass Gathering’s stay-at-home-and-don’t-breath-or-you’ll-kill-immune-comprimised-grandma order.

Four days into a statewide stay-at-home order, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday scolded restless Chicagoans who have taken advantage of spring weather and packed local parks, trails and the city’s lakefront despite growing numbers of people infected by the coronavirus disease.

“If there are people out there, and unfortunately there are, who are determined to do whatever they want despite orders. These are not recommendations. This isn’t guidance. This is an order that’s enforced by law,” a visibly frustrated Lightfoot said at an afternoon news conference. “We’re going to give you an admonition and if you don’t turn right away and head home then you’re going to get a citation. And if worse, yeah, we will take you into custody. I hope that it doesn’t come to that. I hope I don’t have to shut down the lakefront, and shut down all the parks, but I will if we cannot get compliance.”

Aside from numerous Constitutional violations involved with arresting people for not following the stay-at-home and social distancing diktat, how long is it before many won’t comply with anything anyone says? Decades of “put the guns down”, “stop the violence”, “unacceptable …” haven’t put, stopped or accepted a thing. Neither will virus scolding people. Besides, years of chiding the CPD to not arrest, chase, pursue actual criminals along with a CCSA that de-facto legalized shoplifting and other crimes, why follow the rules now?

Speaking of gatherings and social distancing, where are all the sick and dying from St. Patrick’s Day (3/14), the Bernie Sanders rally in Grant Park (also on 3/14), and the cannot postpone primary Election Day (3/17)? Can anyone in the media ask that question of Woke Bozo and OMG? And while you’re at it, also ask if it’s worth destroying the economy for a now 0.92% case fatality rate when the CFR for shootings is over 17%.