Enlightening Commentary


Posted on October 18, 2016

RantOver the years, we’ve read thousands of crime related articles. Beyond the usual stats of who, what, when and where, occasionally there’s a little story telling describing the sights, sounds and sterling academic record of the deceased. Today is the first time we’ve read a genuine “f’ this, tired of paying for this shit” rant:

A neighbor, who only wanted to be identified by her first name Lisa, said she had just put her daughters to bed when she heard dozens of gunshots. She rushed back to their beds to make sure no bullets had come through the window.

“It’s just constant violence over here,” she said.

She said there is gunfire day and night, even when officers are posted nearby. “The police, they be on the blocks and they shooting,” she said. “We’ve got idiots with guns.”

Lisa said she and her family rarely leave the house. “We can’t use these bike lanes,” she said, gesturing to lines painted on Marquette Road. “They ought to take this stuff out of here. It’s useless.”

She said she owns two properties in the city and recently was told she would owe $12,000 in property taxes. “You want me to spend $12,000 and we can’t go in the yard?”

She nodded at the crime scene tape stretched across the block. “This is costing me,” she said. “I pay taxes. I pay for these schools to be built. I pay for these bodies to be dragged off the block.”


She said she wants to leave the city with her family, but her properties couldn’t sell for more than a fraction of their assessed value. “The price of everything goes up and the value goes down.”

Unfortunately, the bottom is still miles away.