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Pan Violence

Posted on February 17, 2016

Pan violence While lead delivery devices receive much of the blame for generational stupidity, their heavier, heat resistant and non-stick cousins are occasionally called into service with sometimes deadly results.

“A 64-year-old West Ridge man was brutally beaten to death with a frying pan at a birthday party, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The victim, Cary “Mike” Silverstein, was reported missing in December when he missed two meetings and failed to speak with his sister, whom he usually talked to daily, Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Whang said during a bond hearing Wednesday.

Silverstein’s body — which was thrown in a dumpster and brought to a suburban landfill — still hasn’t been found, prosecutors said.”

And here we thought (as did the pan) we were operating under the ‘no body, no crime’ methodology. In any event, the pan attempted to clean up the mess, but did a poor job of reenacting CSI (William) Sonoma.

“Silverstein was hosting a birthday party for a friend when he got into an argument with one of Lehman’s male accomplices about 7:30 p.m., Whang said.

The accomplice accused Silverstein of saying derogatory things to his girlfriend, and punched Silverstein in the face before leaving the party to cool off, prosecutors said.

The accomplice returned a short while later, and he, Lehman and a third male began to punch and kick Silverstein, according to prosecutors. The group repeatedly beat Silverstein with a metal frying pan until the man was dead.

At that point, the three attackers and the first accomplice’s girlfriend — Shatrara Lehman — devised a plan to get rid of Silverstein’s body, Whang said.

The group cleaned Silverstein’s blood with water and bleach, and washed the frying pan, prosecutors said. They removed Silverstein’s clothes and tried to wash his body before placing him in a makeshift body bag made of two garbage bags taped together, Whang added.”

Universal background checks, restricting pan size to 8″ and closing the pan show loophole are the answer to stopping rampant cookware violence.