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“Oh shit! He’s the police!”

Posted on October 28, 2013

four_winners That’s what one of the pictured geniuses said while attempting to carjack a cop’s Mercedes.

“The 36-year-old, off-duty officer was driving southbound through an alley in the 7400 block of South Yates Boulevard around midnight on Sunday when four men appeared in front of him, forcing him to hit the brakes, according to a police report.

They allegedly surrounded the Mercedes and threatened to officer with what appeared to be a gun.

But when the cop identified himself and pulled his own weapon, the would-be carjackers changed their tune.”

These shitheads are really lucky they didn’t end up assuming room temperature due to a bad case of lead poisoning. Maybe next time.


Posted on Oct 28, 2013 at 8:55PM

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  1. Johan Meyer November 15, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Interesting website, and interesting comment. A response is due.

    You refer to being shot at as ‘lead poisoning.’ While the usage is amusing, the actual medical problem to which you refer has been an ongoing problem. The first efforts to address lead paint poisoning on a serious scale in Chicago date to 23 years ago. This (serious) lead poisoning is tied to average criminal conduct 23 years later. This is obvious in one of your graphics, namely the age distribution of the victims (murderers will tend to murder with a mode around their own age set).

    Usually, the 18-24 age set is the most murderous, with the 14-17 set being the runners up. That you need to include all the way to age of birth, suggests that a new, less murderous generation is coming.

    Likewise, the previous reduction was due to lead being removed from fuel.

    Some references:
    See in particular figures 21a,b and 22a,b


    Each of the articles on the main page are quite informative, though I’d suggest the following:
    Lead Paint and the Baseline Crime Rate
    The Plummeting USA Incarceration rate—note in particular the aging of the US prison population—there aren’t enough young serious offenders to keep the average age down.

    While NY and California have already grossly reduced their youth murder, this is due to lead reduction, rather than gun grabbing—criminals are usually not affected by gun grabs. In NY, this is due to window replacement in the 80s as a suicide prevention measure. It also explains why gun grabs in Jamaica and Ireland were followed by increased murder rates, while gun grabs in UK and Australia were followed by interruptions in falling murder rates.

  2. The Duke Is Tops December 27, 2013 at 1:55 am

    Still trying to figure out why he didn’t “Alexian Lien” their asses and mow them down. I never would have stopped.

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