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Posted on June 21, 2016

HYSTERIA!If the day ends in a ‘y’ there’s an excellent chance that our 50 duly elected, semi-retarded [omitted] are looking to tax, fine, restrict and/or ban something. Today being a day that ends in a ‘y’, it’s a good a time as any to ban something that’s already banned, but may as well make it more banned:

Ald. Ray Lopez (15th) plans to introduce a resolution at the City Council meeting on Wednesday to address the issue of gun violence and the illegal use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

“These weapons exist for only one reason, to create mass carnage and human casualty,” Lopez said Tuesday at a press conference. “Forty-nine lives were taken in the Orlando shooting, but these rifles are also used in the city of Chicago. We are here to say enough is enough.”


The resolution also calls for exploring “all constitutionally available avenues” to end the violence caused by the use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the Back of the Yards community, Chicago and throughout the nation.

We’ll ignore the “automatic” nonsense and the fact these weapons are so rarely used here that we’re able to count the number of incidents using less than half the city’s alder[omitted]. Instead we’ll focus on section 8-20-075 of Chicago’s Municipal code relating to the “Possession of assault weapons” with an “assault weapon” being defined as anything that has mass and reflects light:

It shall be unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess an assault weapon.

And not to be out done by the above [omitted], Milly apparently doesn’t pay attention to the news nor visits this site:

Ald. Milly Santiago (31st) said stopping gun violence is a community effort to ensure that “what happened in Orlando doesn’t happen in Chicago,” and she calls upon parents to lead the way.

Milly, it has been happening here every day of every week of every year for the better part of a half century, only by [omitted] [omitted] [omitted] instead of [omitted] [omitted] [omitted]. Dumb [omitted].