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Momma Needs a NEW CAR!

Posted on November 10, 2015

New Car!Quite the power couple here:

“As the mother of slain 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee denies allegations that she spent funeral donations on a new car, the boy’s father apparently was asking for funeral money as well.

Karla Lee removed her Instagram and Facebook accounts after defending the purchase of a new car on Saturday, but some videos of her defending the car purchase remain online.

According to unverified Facebook posts Saturday, Lee posted on Facebook that she spent money from her son’s GoFundMe page on the car, then deleted her account due to overwhelming negative reaction.

Lee later told ABC7 that she used her own money for the car. The fundraiser was closed Sunday morning after raising more than $17,000.”

Imagine that. People had a negative reaction to their funeral donations being used for a new car. And not to be out done, the father took time off in helping the police find his son’s killer(s) to whip up some t-shirts:

“In another bizarre twist, Tyshawn’s father — whose gang ties police say led to his son’s execution — appears to have started another GoFundMe page seeking donations for funeral expenses. The page was quickly taken down after comments criticizing the move flooded in.”

Stay classy.