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Just A Coincidence

Posted on November 24, 2015

DiceWith the McDonald police shooting video dropping any moment now, we’re sure it’s just a coincidence that the officer involved is just now getting hit with a first degree murder charge:

A Chicago Police officer accused of shooting a knife-wielding teen 16 times a year ago, killing him in a run-in captured on video, will be charged with first-degree murder, a law enforcement source said Monday.

The charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke are expected Tuesday in the October 2014 shooting death of Laquan McDonald, 17, the law enforcement source said.

The officer, assigned to desk duty since the shooting, is not yet in custody, but is expected to show up at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse Tuesday for a bond hearing, the source said.

The charges come as Chicagoans brace for the release of the squad car dashcam video of the shooting, described by those who have seen it as horrific.

This may help defuse things a little bit, because one of the main ingredients in police shooting unrest is the ‘cop who gets away with it’. On the other hand, numerous choirs, scout troops and honor students have had plenty of time to plan for “spontaneous” stupidity making the above indictment meaningless.

OVERCHARGED: Police Officer Who Shot Laquan McDonald Charged With First Degree Murder Prediction: the murder charge won’t stick and he’ll walk free.