Enlightening Commentary

Honor Student of the Week

Posted on December 17, 2014

Chicago Police BadgeIn what may be a first, this week’s Honor Student is a Chicago cop who allegedly likes to get her drink on and enjoys brisk walks through parking lots. Please meet, police officer Katrina Grey:

“According to police reports, on Oct. 18, Costco security saw a customer at its store at 1430 S. Ashland Ave. take a bottle of wine off the shelf and place it in her shopping cart. She then moved to the back of the store, where security saw her place the bottle in her purse.

The customer then walked past the cashiers and out of the store without paying and was stopped.

It turned out the customer was off-duty police officer, Katrina Grey, 42, assigned to the organized crime division.”

D’oh! We’re familiar with POs getting a courtesy friends and family discount from time to time, but we’re thinking 100% off is a bit much.

“Police reports indicate that after Grey was caught she ran through the Costco parking lot chased by store officials until she was caught and taken into custody just down the street.”

Shoplifting plus a bonus foot pursuit. If only we had the scanner traffic from that one.