Enlightening Commentary


Posted on June 7, 2016

Homer in a kiddie poolSupposedly, it’s going to get hot this weekend which likely means we’ll be in for an extra helping of stupidity.

“A heat wave could make it feel as hot as 100 degrees in the city this weekend — and it might even break some records.

The weekend will be hot, sunny and humid, with Friday hitting 90 degrees — but it’ll feel even hotter, said AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines. Saturday could feel as hot as 100 degrees.

Saturday’s record high temperature is 97 degrees, and there’s a chance we could break that this weekend, Kines said.

“It’s gonna be toasty out there,” Kines said. “It’s gonna take a few days to get here, but once it does it’s definitely gonna feel like summer.””

Extreme heat acts much like extreme cold – people tend to stay indoors and therefore (usually) out of the line of fire. However, once the sun goes down and if we’re looking at overnight lows around 70°+ with some humidity, the porches, sidewalks and corners will be packed with potential lead catchers with ample delivery options available.