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“For the Children” Update

Posted on June 15, 2016

Warning Revenue CameraFor those of you not paying attention, the city has been having some personal finance issues of late. In order to help shore up the finances, red light cameras were deployed as a way to illegally milk the citizenry and enrich insiders promote safe driving habits and for the children, of course.

Back in February, a judge ruled that many of the tickets were BS and refunds were to be paid out. Today, like all good civil servants who are entitled to your money, they prefer to ignore and obfuscate instead of comply with a silly judgement:

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration was accused Wednesday of stonewalling discovery in a high-stakes lawsuit with the potential to force cash-strapped Chicago to refund $200 million in fines and late fees paid by motorists denied due process after receiving red-light camera and speed camera tickets.

Attorney Jacie Zolna said City Hall is trying to “delay the inevitable” by refusing to make a “corporate representative” available for a deposition in the high-stakes case.

The city has further refused to turn over “basic” information about how many red-light and speed camera tickets have been issued; how much money the city has collected from those citations; and how much of it is subject to being refunded after motorists were denied their constitutional right to due process, Zolna said.”

Another fraud is about to run its course and the taxpayer will once again be on the hook to make up for another failed revenue slight of hand.