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For The Children Update

Posted on November 18, 2015

Warning Revenue CameraIf the day ends with a ‘y’, there is a good chance someone is getting a ticket/fine/fee for something they didn’t do. After all, when the city/state/fed is broke, revenue extraction becomes a priority above all else. Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of surprise that many of those ‘safety violations’ are bogus:

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s speed camera program improperly issued more than $2.4 million in fines to Chicago drivers, ticketing them when cameras were supposed to be off and when the required warning signs were confusing, obscured or missing, a Tribune investigation has found.

At the same time, City Hall has systematically ticketed drivers near schools without the legally required evidence of a schoolchild in sight. A Tribune random-sample analysis puts the number of those questionable tickets at about 110,000.

And while it was pitched by the mayor as a way to protect youngsters walking near parks and schools, the most prolific cameras in the 2-year-old “Children’s Safety Zone” initiative can be found along major roadways, where crash data show child pedestrians are least likely to be struck by speeders.”

Again, the idea that these cameras are for safety and are there to “protect youngsters” is ridiculous. They’re nothing more than a revenue extraction scheme wrapped in safety vest.