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Fight, Fight, Fight!

Posted on May 17, 2016

Numerous questionable life choices caught on video.

“A new video capturing a massive fight at a busy Near West Side intersection is going viral.

The video of the fight at West Jackson Boulevard and South Western Avenue Monday afternoon has been shared on Facebook more than 1,800 times. The video was posted with the caption “The Jungle W[e]nt Up.”

In the minute-long video, dozens of people, mostly young men, are captured fighting, throwing punches in the street and disrupting traffic near Golden Fish & Chicken. At one point, the mob appears to target one young man who is knocked to the ground, punching him and kicking him.

As cars zoom around the fight, a lone Chicago Police SUV can be seen stopped at the middle of the intersection. A police officer standing outside the SUV does not appear to intervene.”

No one in their right mind would intervene in a large fight alone. If, by chance, the officer did get involved, it would likely have been all his or her fault anyway. Therefore, staying fetal was the right move.

Side note: why is it not possible to shoot these videos horizontally? Every time…