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February Wrap-up

Posted on March 1, 2016

Train WreckTypically, February is the quietest month of the year. Maybe it’s because it’s short of few days, the lousy weather or Valentine’s Day keeps people inside for a few extra minutes. Whatever the reasons may be, this February will either an outlier (like March 2012) or portend the coming of a new normal.

“Amid a spike in shootings, the city of Chicago has witnessed its deadliest start to the year in nearly two decades, according to crime statistics.

With January and February complete, the Chicago Police Department counts 95 homicides, the same as in 1999. There hasn’t been a deadlier start to the year since 1997, when the city had 101 homicides in the first two months and 761 for the full year.

The official police count includes only violent deaths considered criminal. This year’s toll rises to at least 102 if all violent deaths are counted, including a man shot by police and two alleged robbers killed by a shop owner in a shooting considered justified by investigators. By that same measure, there were 52 violent deaths by Feb. 28 last year — about half this year’s total, according to data compiled by the Tribune.”

February alone witnessed a 125% increase in homicides and a 162% increase with those maimed vs last year’s colder and snowier time period. We expect March to be more of the same, if not worse. Fetal police, pandering politicians and maladjusted jagoffs along with the likelihood of warmer weather will make for a bloody start to spring.