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Posted on November 19, 2018

Mercy Hospital shooting:

“A Chicago police officer and two other people were killed in an attack at a South Side hospital Monday afternoon that sent medical personnel and police scrambling through halls, stairwells and even the nursery in search of victims and the shooter before he was found dead.

Officer Samuel Jimenez, on the force less than two years, was gunned down as he went to the aid of other officers who had been called to Mercy Hospital & Medical Center around 3:20 p.m. about an assault. Jimenez, 28, was married with three small children. He’s the second Chicago police officer killed in the line of duty this year, the most since 2010 when five officers were fatally shot. The first was Near North District Cmdr. Paul Bauer, killed Feb. 13 outside the Thompson Center.

Police had been called to the hospital after a gunman confronted his girlfriend, emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal, apparently over a “broken engagement,” sources said. By the time Jimenez and his partner arrived on the scene, he had shot O’Neal repeatedly, standing over her as he fired the last shots, according to police sources and witnesses.

The gunman, who sources say had a concealed carry license, then exchanged gunfire with Jimenez and other officers as he ran into the hospital. Jimenez was shot in the lobby as the gunman continued firing. A squad car was hit, and a bullet hit the holster and lodged in the gun barrel of another officer, according to Johnson.

Dayna Less, 25, a first-year pharmacy resident, was hit as she walked out of an elevator. “That woman got off an elevator and was shot, why?” Johnson asked. The suspect was found inside the hospital, apparently suffering a wound to the head. Johnson said it was unclear how he was shot.”

RIP Officer Jimenez, Dr. O’Neal & Ms. Less.

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