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Posted on December 4, 2013

Joseph_Zajac Awhile back we posted an ABC7 story that featured CFD paramedics getting attacked and beat up in the line of duty. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with us and we proposed that if these fuckers “want to beat on some defenseless EMTs that were called in to save your ass, f*ck you and drive your own sorry, drunk, high, lead poisoned ass to the hospital.

That said, here’s another story of a drunk douchebag going all UFC on two EMTs and a cop.

“Joseph Zajac, 28, of Hobart, Ind., was arrested after he attacked two paramedics and a cop in River North Tuesday night, leaving one temporarily unconscious after she hit her head on a railing, police said.

Witnesses saw Zajac stumbling in the 300 block of North LaSalle Street sometime before 7:15 p.m., police said. They called 911 and told dispatchers that Zajac needed medical help and was very drunk.

But after cops and paramedics arrived, Zajac went into fight mode and began attacking them, police said.”

And again, f*ck you, save your own sorry drunk ass.


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