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X-Mass Shooting Stupidity

Posted on December 24, 2020

Cousin EddieUpdates will be sporadic as we enjoy some downtime ahead of the annual year end, not-quite-800-but-at-least-it’s-not-2016 quota run. Have yourself a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas… preferably ignoring the Non-Essentials’ restrictions/mandates/finger-wagging while amongst as many family and friends as possible… out of state.

Mostly Peaceful Tally: 11 killed, 20 wounded
2019 Christmas tally: 9 killed, 54 wounded*
2018 Christmas tally: 6 killed, 28 wounded
2017 Christmas tally: 5 killed, 21 wounded
2016 Christmas tally: 12 killed, 51 wounded
2015 Christmas tally: 13 killed, 23 wounded

Christmas Eve
12:00p 9300 S Oglesby, Calumet Heights, M/29
3:15p 3400 W Ohio, Humboldt Park, M/19

6:25p 10200 S Yale, Roseland, F/42
7:30p 4600 W Adams, Austin, M/32
11:10p 1400 N Mayfield, Austin, F/24
Christmas Day
7:00a 7200 S Dobson, Grand Crossing, M/?
2:30p 7300 S Kenwood, South Shore, M/57
3:20p 400 W 41st, New City, M/24
3:45p 5500 W Monroe, Austin, M/34
5:35p 9000 S Laflin, Washington Heights, F/18
8:10p 4000 N Pulaski, Irving Park, M/27
8:40p 900 E 82nd, Chatham, M/?
9:20p 3300 W 52nd, Gage Park, M/20

Saturday 12/26
3:10a 2900 S State, Douglas, F/40
6:00a 5500 S Halsted, Englewood, F/43
4:40p 7100 S Vincennes, Grand Crossing, M/18
6:50p 3200 W Chicago, Humboldt Park, M/48 (CCW)
9:10p 600 W 61st, Englewood, M/42
9:15p 6200 S Cottage Grove, Woodlawn, M/28
10:05p 7400 S Stewart, Grand Crossing, M/37
Sunday 12/27
3:45a 600 N State, Near North Side, M/32
3:55a 8300 S Paxton, South Chicago, F/24
3:55a 8300 S Paxton, South Chicago, M/36
3:55a 8300 S Paxton, South Chicago, M/36
9:00a 5500 S Archer, Garfield Ridge, M/?
10:15a 10900 S Racine, Morgan Park, M/26
2:00p 6800 S King, Grand Crossing, M/25
2:20p 1300 W 64th, Englewood, M/14
4:55p 2800 S Central Park, Little Village, M/18
7:00p 1900 W 21st, Lower West Side, M/36
9:20p Non-Essential jagoff & one of the inspirations for this site blows a .329 BAC
No Accountability Monday
4:00a 2300 S Wood, Lower West Side, M/57

Weekend = 12p Thursday – 6a Monday
*Each year has a different weekend timeframe