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Bye George!

Posted on May 3, 2016

Lando waving goodbyeThis idea of erecting the Jar Jar Binks Memorial Action Figure Museum and Ewok Massage Parlor on prime lake front property never smelled right. Granted, Ewoks likely never smell right, but from $1 land deals to shady financing to pile of salt/circus tent designs, we’re somewhat surprised this overpriced boondoggle is (hopefully) going the way of the Olympic bid.

The fate of the Lucas Museum project in Chicago was thrown into major doubt Tuesday after Friends of the Parks declared its opposition to any lakefront site, prompting the Lucas camp to announce that it was “seriously pursuing locations outside of Chicago.”

Juanita Irizarry, the parks group’s executive director, acknowledged that the city’s alternative proposal for a museum on the McCormick Place lakefront site had led to a split within her group. But Friends of the Parks, which has sued to block the project, was taking a firm stand, she said: “We maintain there should not be development on the lakefront.”

That position prompted Mellody Hobson, a Chicago financial executive and wife of “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, to issue a sharp statement complaining that “this process has been co-opted and hijacked by a small special interest group.”

As opposed to your own small special interest group? Of course not. You see, this cult monument to mediocrity is for the children, of course:

Hobson said the museum would bring more than $2 billion in economic benefit to the city, thousands of jobs and education opportunities for children.

“As an African-American who has spent my entire life in this city I love, it saddens me that young black and brown children will be denied the chance to benefit from what this museum will offer,” she said.

Please. Young black and brown children already have access to some of the best museums in the world. Museums that showcase real things and ideas, not an adult’s toy collection.