Enlightening Commentary


Posted on February 22, 2017

Fallen TreeFirst the city decides to un-ban plastic bags thereby choking salmon and baby birds everywhere, now they’ve gone ahead and doomed us all with their institutional arborism.

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel made slight changes Wednesday to his plan to spend almost $15 million in leftover property tax rebate money, avoiding what could have been more sizable, embarrassing City Council opposition to the package.

After many council members balked at the mayor’s idea to spend $500,000 of the unused money to plant 1,000 trees, he agreed to pull that out and instead put that cash toward anti-violence technology like a test program to create crime-fighting intelligence centers.

That allowed some of those who had been in opposition to change their votes, saving Emanuel from having to publicly confront a larger bloc of aldermen voting against him and calling into question his commitment to fighting violence.

Aldermen approved his new proposal by a 35-10 vote Wednesday.

Freshman Ald. Raymond Lopez, 15th, had fronted the opposition to the mayor’s plan, saying the planned tree planting and lack of street-level anti-violence funding showed the wrong priorities at a time many Chicago neighborhoods are beset by violent crime.

But he came around to support it after the changes, with Emanuel also agreeing to find at least $1 million to finance toward violence interruption programs like the CeaseFire program.”

Unlike these “programs” and most other things the city blows cash on, trees are at least tangible and provide much needed shade for evidence technicians to gather crime scene evidence that the states attorneys can ignore.