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Ammo Tax

Posted on November 13, 2015

ammoWhen looking for the ideal combination of stupid and useless, one would be hard pressed to find a better match than the Cook County Board of Commissioners. In proving their uselessness, the geniuses are looking to levy a hefty tax on ammunition (in addition to the 10.25% sales tax) because the county is broke to help fund more graft programs.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners will vote on a proposal Friday to impose a countywide tax on ammunition, a measure advocates say would curb gun violence while shoring up new revenue for the county.

Proposed by Commissioner Richard Boykin, who represents most of West Side Chicago, the tax would add an extra cent to the cost of each .22 caliber bullet and five cents apiece for larger ammo, like 9-millimeter rounds.

Boykin predicted the tax would raise about $133,000 in its first year and more than $300,000 in its second year, “deflating the cost” of gun violence to taxpayers across the county.

This will do absolutely nothing to curb gun gang violence and the predicted haul won’t come anywhere close, nor will it “deflate the cost” of anything. What will be “deflated” is the sales tax revenue that will now find itself moving towards Lake, Kane, McHenry, DuPage and Will counties, plus Indiana. As always, those locals thank Cook County for their self-inflicted stupidity.