Cook County Corona Virus Cases

Cook County Corona-O-Meter

Posted on March 6, 2020

Illness+ TestsDeaths+TFR*
Hi-Speed Lead4,15271317.2%
Thru 12/27/20

*+Test Fatality Rate (+TFR) = deaths/positive tests. Confirmed COVID-19 tests in Cook County as reported by the Coronavirus COVID-19 dashboard found on the garbage Illinois Department of Public Health website. A positive test result is not the same as a case and does not necessarily mean illness or hospitalization, it simply means a virus (may or may not be C19) was detected. PLEASE NOTE: A backlog of test results was released on Sept 4th. There is no indication of when these tests were performed, as such they’re all being attributed to a single day. Reporting f*ckups such as this should be ignored.