2012: Other Violent Crimes

CrimeTotalw/ Firearm%
Robbery 13,420 5,364 40.0%
Aggravated Battery 8,270 1,884 22.8%
Aggravated Assault 4,452 2,063 46.3%
Crim. Sexual Assault 1,299 1007.7%

2012: Robberies & Weapon Used

Handgun 5,266 39.2%
Other Firearm980.7%
Other or None 7,424 55.3%

2012: Assaults & Weapon Used

Handgun 1,978 44.4%
Other Firearm851.9%
Knife 1,237 27.8%
Other or None 1,152 25.9%

Junior’s Cashmere Capes

Jesse Jackson Jr. misused campaign fundsThe Chicago Suntimes quotes JJJ stating “For years I lived off my campaign. I used money that should have been for campaign purposes for personal purposes… I have no interest in wasting the taxpayers’ time or their money.

Restaurants & Clubs$60,857
Gold Rolex Watch$43,350
Michael Jackson Crap$26,700
Electronics & Appliances$25,000
Gym Memberships$16,058
Dry Cleaning$14,513
MLK Memorabilia$11,130
Bruce Lee Stuff$10,105
Children's Furniture$9,588
Signed Football$5,000
Cashmere CapesPriceless
"I don't trust men in capes." - George Costanza