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Shot & Killed: 38
Shot & Wounded: 214
Total Homicides*: 38

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Shot & Killed: 5
Shot & Wounded: 33
Total Homicides*: 5

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Shot & Killed: 195
Shot & Wounded: 1165
Total Homicides*: 229

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Shot & Killed: 374
Shot & Wounded: 1778
Total Homicides*: 454

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Citizens or Serfs?

Warning Revenue CameraIt’s a simple question, are Chicagoans citizens or serfs? Citizens, where a person’s government and elected officials act in their best interests or serfs, where a person is in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord (mayor, whatever).

We’re going to go with serfs as evidenced by the continuing red light/speed camera fiascos.

“Thousands of Chicago drivers have been tagged with $100 red light fines they did not deserve, targeted by robotic cameras during a series of sudden spikes in tickets that city officials say they cannot explain, a Tribune investigation has found.

The Tribune’s analysis of more than 4 million tickets issued since 2007 and a deeper probe of individual cases revealed clear evidence that the deviations in Chicago’s network of 380 cameras were caused by faulty equipment, human tinkering or both.”

Maybe it was a faulty hard drive. Or better yet, a gun, everything is a gun’s fault. Of course the response is more or less a big ol’ fuck off and pay up ya tax donkey.

“Since the Tribune first detailed the problems with the ticket system on Friday morning, the mayor has had six public events on his schedule, but has not taken questions from reporters. At a Friday groundbreaking for a building construction project on Wolf Point downtown, the mayor declined to address the revelations about the ticket anomalies, saying “Today is about the jobs.”

See how easy that is? Now just issue a press release with phrases about “the children”, “safety” and some sort of “action” and we’re done here.

The serfs have been taking it in the caboose for decades and yet continue to vote for the same taking in said caboose time after time. February 2015, will give the serfs an opportunity to choose again, between taking it in the caboose or really taking it in the caboose. Better bring some lube.

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leg1256 chest4879 back21105 head7346 arm117 abdomen1467 ass180 thigh174 foot58 shoulder47 face633 hand37 ankle29 neck418 hip116 other156 As of 7/24/14 ]]>
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Englewood21011.2% Austin1226.5% Garfield Park955.1% Grand Crossing945.0% West Pullman794.2% South Shore754.0% All Others101463.9% As of 12/31/13 ]]>
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Shot-in-the-Ass-O-Meter http://heyjackass.com/shot-in-the-ass/ http://heyjackass.com/shot-in-the-ass/#comments Thu, 26 Dec 2013 21:34:21 +0000 http://www.heyjackass.com/?p=4450 ]]> ]]> http://heyjackass.com/shot-in-the-ass/feed/ 1 Deadliest ‘hoods http://heyjackass.com/deadliest-hoods/ http://heyjackass.com/deadliest-hoods/#comments Sun, 12 Jan 2014 04:25:21 +0000 http://www.heyjackass.com/?p=4653 ]]>
Austin23117140 Englewood21114135 Garfield Park195776 Humboldt Park94958 South Shore65258 Roseland74653 Auburn Gresham84149 Grand Crossing54146 Washington Heights54146 North Lawndale44044 West Pullman53742 South Chicago102838 Chicago Lawn142236 New City53136 Little Village82634 All Others80423503 As of 7/24/14 ]]>
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Englewood4710.5% South Shore317.0% Austin306.7% Garfield Park276.1% West Pullman214.7% Auburn Gresham204.5% North Lawndale194.3% Roseland184.0% Humboldt Park173.8% New City153.4% Grand Crossing143.1% South Chicago122.7% All Others17739.2% Final 2013 ]]>
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Gunshot19184.9% Stabbing156.7% Assault73.1% Auto52.2% Strangulation31.3% Child Abuse31.3% Neglect10.4% As of 7/21/14 ]]>
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Black17779.4% Hispanic3113.9% White/Other156.7% As of 7/21/14 ]]>
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