Sorry Folks

Sorry folks, we're taking some time off.No Weekend-Shoot-O-Rahm-A nor much of anything else for the next several days. 2018 stats will probably be posted sometime next week or maybe not at all, who knows. Until then, be safe and have a good weekend.

The Weekend’s Shoot-o-Rahm-a

Chicago: Iced over parked carWe now join our frigid weekend programming already in progress.

Final Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 5 killed, 16 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 2 killed, 10 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 7 killed, 32 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 2 killed, 14 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 2 killed, 8 wounded

Friday 1/5
12:10p 1500 E 62nd, Woodlawn, M/29
1:00p 3700 W Montrose, Albany Park, F/19
6:05p 5300 W Lake, Austin, M/35
7:10p 4100 W Armitage, Hermosa, M/30
8:15p 3900 W 26th, Little Village, M/27
Saturday 1/6
12:30a 2800 N California, Logan Square, M/30
2:20a 2300 W Jackson, Near West Side, M/31
6:30a 3100 W Polk, Garfield Park, M/29
11:10a 2300 E 69th, South Shore, M/35
11:30a 2500 W Flournoy, Near West Side, M/16
1:05p 7200 S May, Englewood, M/47
1:30p 6700 S Champlain, Woodlawn, M/16
Sunday 1/7
2:55a 5700 S State, Washington Park, M/26
6:10a 5000 S Hoyne, New City, M/15
6:10a 5000 S Hoyne, New City, M/43
1:30p 500 N Laramie, Austin, M/49
4:05p 700 N Christiana, Humboldt Park, M/53

7:30p 1900 N Sawyer, Logan Square, M/30
8:00p 1400 W Washburne, Near West Side, M/41
8:50p 1200 N Springfield, Humboldt Park, M/17
Monday Overtime
3:30a 5400 W Eddy, Portage Park, M/31

Weekend = 12p Friday – 6a Monday